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Saying no – when politeness fails

When someone won’t take no politely, what do you do? Earlier this year I had a conversation with a man on other business who said that he would like to hire me as a writer. That’s fine, I do that … Continue reading

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Writing Edward King – the performances, 27th May 2017

Some time ago I volunteered to write a short story about local artist Edward King, who for the last 26 years of his life was a patient at St James’s Lunatic Asylum on Locksway Road, Milton. It was part of … Continue reading

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Review – Cirque de Glace, “Evolution”, King’s Theatre, Southsea, 8th May 2017

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for the circus, so when I saw Cirque de Glace were performing at the King’s Theatre, I couldn’t resist going. I LOVE CIRCUSES, and this was one with a difference. The whole … Continue reading

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When filming is not all right.

For many people, filming or recording a talk has become the simple way to keep notes, rather than do that laborious and oh-so-hard exercise of lifting up a pen. But it is not all right, and I will tell you … Continue reading

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The Fall, Cruiser’s Creek – fresh because it’s so yesterday.

I love this. The cinematography is so crude and amateurish, the behaviour in front of camera so unstudied that it reminds me of the early experiments in film with Dada Movement, or early silent movies. It is both guileless and … Continue reading

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Power to Persuade: the techniques used by Paul McKenna for Brexit.

The tricks and techniques use by Paul McKenna in his help of the Brexit side are here explained. Continue reading

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Real Writer’s Block – What it is, and what it is not.

Adele Parks gave a great talk last night at Portsmouth Central Library as part of Portsmouth Bookfest 2016, talking about her writing life, and how she became one of the top sellers of chick lit over the last 16 years. From … Continue reading

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How the propaganda machine stole your vote

Recently I had someone comment that those who were unhappy with the election results “do the general public a disservice” by saying this. He went on to say: “You assume that people must be misinformed or that they aren’t able … Continue reading

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News: Nicola Sturgeon is leader of ISIS.

In a fascinating new twist, the Daily Telegraph has revealed that Nicola Sturgeon wants ISIS to take over Britain. Continue reading

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Order Portsmouth Fairy Tales in time for Christmas!

25 Stories, 11 writers, 1 city. [wp_cart_button name=”Portsmouth Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups + postage” price=”8.99″ shipping=”2.50″] £8.99 + £2.50 p&p or [wp_cart_button name=”Portsmouth Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups” price=”8.99″] £8.99 buyer collects in Portsmouth. This collection of fairy tales for grown-ups contains … Continue reading

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