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Vanity and Bad Breath – What Your “Self Publisher” Won’t Tell You

Bad breath at parties is a bad thing.  And I know, because many years ago I used to have bad breath.  I don’t any more, for good reason – but there was a time when people backed away from me … Continue reading

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Arts and Their Impact on Human Relations – by Maha Moussa

I have a guest writer on the blog today.  I first met Maha Moussa 10 years ago while I was working for the British Council in Cairo.  Maha was interested in learning English, and was a wonderful hostess to me, … Continue reading

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Stevie Kidd – Success. What Is It, And How Do You Get More

Hi all.  Since doing the NLP course with Paul McKenna, I’ve had the honour of meeting some really unusual, gobsmacking and inspiring individuals.  Seeing the way that they operate, understanding how they think, and watching them build success on success … Continue reading

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Borrowing Some Light From Author Graham Hurley

Graham Hurley is a fascinating man.  Lean, with a grey-white widow’s peak, and a slight spike to his hair, he stands before the assembled group in the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth Dockyard, among ancient cannons and other relics of … Continue reading

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Infinity Worm

“Infinity’s like a worm.  Cut it in half and you get two pieces, both the size of infinity…  Or isn’t that how it works?” – Matt Wingett

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“I Bought A Long Case Clock” – A Sonnet

A couple of years ago I got thinking about the grandfather clock I had picked up at an auction for not too much money.  It was a beautiful thing; built around 1820, slender and delicate, with the most gentle sound … Continue reading

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