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Matt Wingett In Interview With The English Sisters

So, today I had an interview with Violetta and Jutka Zuggo, aka the English Sisters – a pair of charming women who use their hypnosis and NLP skills to teach English, and are passionate hypno-babes. It was great fun, with … Continue reading

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Cinderella – The Kings Theatre, Southsea

I have to admit it, as I get older, I get more childlike. Which makes going to the panto every year something of a special treat. It’s not often you get to sit in a theatre and scream “behind you” … Continue reading

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Art Work For An E-book – Turn The Tides Gently

So, today I asked Jackie if she would design up a cover for the book I’ve decided to publish. This is her first attempt with a little bit of tinkering by me. What do you think?

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Kindlophobia – the fear of taking responsibility

For some people, it’s natural to feel uncomfortable with change.  If you’re a creative sort, it’s something you need to be very careful with. It will hold you back. That’s the thought I have at the writer’s hub networking event … Continue reading

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