Matt Wingett In Interview With The English Sisters

So, today I had an interview with Violetta and Jutka Zuggo, aka the English Sisters – a pair of charming women who use their hypnosis and NLP skills to teach English, and are passionate hypno-babes.

It was great fun, with the pair of them asking me about the hypnotic content of the book, and with me not quite answering them, every time… But very nearly.  The book, by the way is Turn The Tides Gently, and you can find it here:

Funny moment too, when she told me she’d read something of mine, and I couldn’t remember what it was at all. Well, I’ve written a lot, after all.

Overall, great fun.  Enjoy!


  1. English Sisters

    Hello Matt,
    Just finished reading “Turn the Tides Gently” and we loved it, especially the mysterious surprising ending!
    Great work!
    We will be thinking about the main character Dave and Portsmouth in the days and weeks to come 😉
    A brilliant read!
    Bye bye
    The English Sisters

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