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A Little Moment of Delight In Darkest Africa…

Surfing the net a few days ago I found this video of Damian Aspinall and his reunion with a long lost friend with a difference.  I don’t really have anything smart or witty to say about this.  It’s a definite … Continue reading

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Paul McKenna and Me 7: Confusion Is The Doorway To New Understanding

I returned to the NLP session in the afternoon, and continued feeling pretty much overwhelmed.  Richard was demonstrating different techniques of hypnosis in the afternoon, and I sat in my chair like a zombie.  People moved around me during the … Continue reading

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Paul McKenna and Me 6: Birthday Tears

I sat there on the stage as Paul continued to move fast.  He asked me, while I was in this strangely heightened state, to run a series of visualisations.  In one, he told me to pick a writer that I … Continue reading

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