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The After-Effect of Paul McKenna – and Relearning Skills

The strange thing about having Paul McKenna hypnotise me to get me writing again was that my creative power was out of control. I had this unregulated emotion to write, which over the last 4 years I have been honing … Continue reading

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Man In The Moon – Draft 3

The latest version of my sonnet on the moon.  In my previous version I identified rhythmic problems to do with the shift from iambic pentameter to trochaic pentameter in the second quatrain.  It meant the loss of a syllable at … Continue reading

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A Mashed Potato Race

The minute we sat at the dining table, six-year-old Charlie and I started having fun.  The truth is, I love sitting with kids at dinner tables.  They are so much more enjoyable than the adults. Within a few minutes, we … Continue reading

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Vanity and Bad Breath – What Your “Self Publisher” Won’t Tell You

Bad breath at parties is a bad thing.  And I know, because many years ago I used to have bad breath.  I don’t any more, for good reason – but there was a time when people backed away from me … Continue reading

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Arts and Their Impact on Human Relations – by Maha Moussa

I have a guest writer on the blog today.  I first met Maha Moussa 10 years ago while I was working for the British Council in Cairo.  Maha was interested in learning English, and was a wonderful hostess to me, … Continue reading

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Borrowing Some Light From Author Graham Hurley

Graham Hurley is a fascinating man.  Lean, with a grey-white widow’s peak, and a slight spike to his hair, he stands before the assembled group in the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth Dockyard, among ancient cannons and other relics of … Continue reading

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Infinity Worm

“Infinity’s like a worm.  Cut it in half and you get two pieces, both the size of infinity…  Or isn’t that how it works?” – Matt Wingett

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“I Bought A Long Case Clock” – A Sonnet

A couple of years ago I got thinking about the grandfather clock I had picked up at an auction for not too much money.  It was a beautiful thing; built around 1820, slender and delicate, with the most gentle sound … Continue reading

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Someone told me I was widely regarded as a psychopath.  I told him: “You can’t get that one by me.  There’s no such thing as other people.” – Matt Wingett

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Evidence For The Existence of Ghosts, Version 2

So, this is the rewrite of the poem I wrote a few days ago.  I have attempted to tidy up the meaning and improve the metre.  Have had to lose a rhetorical flourish for the sake of clarity, but I … Continue reading

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