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Turn The Tides Gently – A Portsmouth Story

Turn The Tides Gently - by Matt Wingett

Turn The Tides Gently - by Matt Wingett

A young man encounters what he thinks is a mythical creature living in the seas around the island city of Portsmouth. Is he going mad? Or is his encounter set to change his world in ways he never expected? This tale of transformation tells his compelling story with deftness of touch and warmth of heart.

“…has a slightly hallucinatory, hugely evocative dreaminess…” Graham Hurley.

“…a great mermaid story.” Hannah Mermaid aka Hannah Fraser.

“The story captures our heart…” Cynthia Rivers.

Every nook and cranny of the island city of Portsmouth is filled with history, and Dave is more sensitive to it than anyone. Troubled by the death of his brother and rejection by his mother, he has withdrawn into a world of his own in which he hallucinates a safe and comforting past.

But one night as he walks the island’s shore, he encounters something that disturbs his dreamy world forever. Dave cannot quite tell whether this new vision has come to open new possibilities, or to upset his world completely.

A tale woven with magic and delight, this novella will hold you and entertain you as it takes you on an adventure around the island, and around the inside of one man’s mind.

From Matt Wingett, tv scriptwriter, hypnotist and copywriter.

This book is a novella, running to approx 13,000 words.

The Three Belles Star In “We’ll Meet Again” by Matt Wingett

The Three Belles Star In We'll Meet Again - by Matt Wingett

The Three Belles Star In We'll Meet Again - by Matt Wingett

The wailing of the air raid siren in Portsmouth’s Guildhall during a 1940s nostalgia show awakens a mysterious sailor from a time long past.

His presence will come to threaten the life of one of The Three Belles – the singing trio who have inadvertently awakened this spirit of wartime Portsmouth.

Anneka, Sally and Izzie – or “Betty”, “Gail” and “Dorothy” have to play detective to track down the mysterious stranger, and in doing so uncover an old wrong they must put right.

A ghost story with a difference – this novella will keep you guessing to the end. Starring the real-life singing trio The Three Belles!

Runs to approx 22,000 words.

The Tube Healer

The Tube Healer by Matt Wingett

The Tube Healer by Matt Wingett

When a man witnesses a miracle on the London Underground system, he becomes obsessed with the healer who is travelling London’s tube network, making changes in people at will.
Who is the Tube Healer? Will the man who saw him ever be able to get his help? And what do the authorities think of this strange entity that is adding a little bit of magic to the lives of the millions of Londoners every day?

This volume is an inspirational story that runs to 8,500 words.

A great read while you sit and travel to work on The Underground, Metro or Subway, anywhere in the world!


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