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Someone told me I was widely regarded as a psychopath.  I told him: “You can’t get that one by me.  There’s no such thing as other people.” – Matt Wingett

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Evidence For The Existence of Ghosts, Version 2

So, this is the rewrite of the poem I wrote a few days ago.  I have attempted to tidy up the meaning and improve the metre.  Have had to lose a rhetorical flourish for the sake of clarity, but I … Continue reading

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Evidence For The Existence Of Ghosts

So, this is the first draft of a sonnet that I wrote last night.  It came out of an idea I had while reading a book on cosmology.  Wonder what you think?  It’s the first draft only, so I may … Continue reading

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My New Word – “Synecdoche”

Okay, so I’ve got to share this with you because I think it’s one of those unusual words that I didn’t know existed. I was just reading Seamus Heaney’s notes on the Anglo-Saxon poem, “Beowulf”, and this really unusual word … Continue reading

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Give a man a fish…

“Give a man a fish, and his house will smell of fish. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll have cats in his bins for the rest of his life.” – Matthew Wingett Give a man a fish, and his … Continue reading

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A Bearded Old Midget From Baden…

A bit of a change today, with a limerick I dug up in one of my notebooks: A bearded old midget from Baden Found his body had started to harden He dyed himself red Put a cap on his head … Continue reading

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NLP Follow Up – Laughing Out Loud In The Pouring Rain

After the NLP session I did yesterday with a client, today I had the following text from a very much more smiley individual than the one whom I met before the session began. Bear in mind it was tipping down … Continue reading

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Moderate Depression, Wiped Out With NLP (And Hot Chocolate)…

I had a  lovely result today.  On a sparkling day in Southsea, I met a client in a cafe, over a cup of hot chocolate. She was a young woman with a slightly lost expression, looking pained and a bit … Continue reading

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Paul McKenna and Me 10: Take-Off

On the very first day of the NLP Practitioner course, Hazel had gone up on stage with Richard Bandler, and had her bad memory removed.  We had spoken about it later.  She could still remember the bad memory, but the … Continue reading

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Explosions In The Air. What Fun!

Fireworks.  Yummy!  Remember, remember at this time of year… Piles of Summer’s gold-leaf calling cards scattered in the gutter, dropped as he hurried on his way to warmer climes. Enter stage left, with the  sudden curtain-drop of night as the … Continue reading

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