NLP Follow Up – Laughing Out Loud In The Pouring Rain

After the NLP session I did yesterday with a client, today I had the following text from a very much more smiley individual than the one whom I met before the session began. Bear in mind it was tipping down with rain when I received the text, which explains the rather cryptic first line:

I’m wet and fabulous! Spent most of yesterday laughing just because I can.  Saw two friends last night. One kept touching my knee constantly to make me laugh! And there is something delightfully wicked about laughing out loud in the pouring rain.  🙂  Got the pic back briefly, but quickly shrunk it and moved it to the side then thought about something else!

This is what makes doing hypnosis such fun.  I think of the client now, her hand suspended in mid-air as she sat in the cafe, internalising the learnings I had given her.  It was like a textbook session.  I will report back over time to let you know how she does.

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