Moderate Depression, Wiped Out With NLP (And Hot Chocolate)…

I had a  lovely result today.  On a sparkling day in Southsea, I met a client in a cafe, over a cup of hot chocolate.

She was a young woman with a slightly lost expression, looking pained and a bit confused.  Upstairs in the cafe, in the bright light of the Autumn sun, she sat across a table from me, telling me how she couldn’t get over a break up with a guy who was,  essentially, one great big waste of space.

I have been so busy lately doing other things than hypnosis, and this was a great opportunity to dust off the NLP skills and give her a blast of reprogramming.

Hot cholate: A mind-altering substance...

It was a lovely environment to do it in.  Soft chairs, silence, clear light – oh – and the hot chocolate.

How did we make the change?  First: I ran a series of metaphors about how we use technology to find places so much more easily these days.  The email I sent her had a link to the cafe so she could immediately find out where it was, rather than have me take loads of time talking to her and giving her boring directions. Instead of blindly groping around searching for answers, we find what we are looking for with the help of novel ideas for more quickly… such a change in the speed with which we get to where we really want to be would have seemed impossible just a few years ago…

And then, on to the reprogramming.  A simple disconnection of the current feelings from the memory, then moving swiftly on, finding positive emotions and getting her to journey with them into her future.

I kept looking over my shoulder as I put her into a trance and lifted her hand, doing good old-fashioned arm levitation to get her to reprocess the information I programmed in.  I thought how strange it would seem if a member of the public walked in to the room, seeing her in a relaxed state, eyes closed, giggling as I tapped the anchor on her leg.  She was an amazingly responsive client.

After this, when I asked her about how she felt about the break-up, she looked at me blankly and said: “What break-up?” before struggling to recover the memory.  Then she added: “It’s weird… I feel lighter…” and she smiled a broad, happy smile.

We walked out into the sunlight, with her still wearing that broad, sunny smile.  I will keep my eye on her, but I’m pretty positive we’ve nailed the depression.

Thank you Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna.  You showed me how to knock out another little patch of unhappiness in the world, and plant a garden there, all in about 45 minutes!


  1. Lee


    I’d like to say thanks to you for your blog and writing-Just read The Tube Healer and then some entries on your blog. I recently decided to give up on my part-time hypnosis and NLP practice due to feelings of not being up to it and some general feelings of not being good enough. Your blog made me realise this is my “writers block” and that I have all the tools I need to correct this

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