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Why enhancement of Old Portsmouth’s arches is a good thing.

I just had an email through from petition site 38 Degrees about petitions regarding the Portsmouth Arches. They wrote that “Anita”, the petitioner who wants to “save” the arches, argues: “Please do not allow Old Portsmouth’s historic arches to become … Continue reading

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A Simple Act Of Kindness Can Change The World

I’ve just got back from a walk in my home town of Portsmouth – and I’ve learned how one person really can change the whole world. I was walking past a little brick-built church on Old Portsmouth’s High Street, called … Continue reading

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Singer: Eddy Bayes, Worlds and Wonders

On Youtube this morning I stumbled over a voice and face from the past. I was lucky enough to manage this singer when he was part of a band called Momajest, before he moved from the Banana Republic out to … Continue reading

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The Birdwoman of Southsea

Walk into a pub in the Banana Republic,  not far from the old Royal Marines Barracks on a Sunday afternoon, and you might be lucky enough to hear a woman singing some jazz numbers, backed by a pianist and a … Continue reading

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A Little Boy, Lost In The Moment

A tiny moment of pleasure.  Scene: The Street Outside An Acupuncturist’s Clinic on Palmerston Road, Southsea.  Time: 3 p.m.  The shop is divided into the clinic, and a private living space, and the door to the living area has been … Continue reading

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A Provincial Snob

Tonight I have just got back from one of those great moments that happen from time to time in the Banana Republic. It was a fireworks show over the water, fired from ships lying straight off from the Wharf, and … Continue reading

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