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NLP and Hypnosis – What I Do With It And What I Don’t

Someone gave me quite a challenge a few days ago: “Matt, I bet you couldn’t hypnotise me.” They were responding to news that I do a bit of hypnotherapy and a bit of NLP – and it was clearly a … Continue reading

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“In The Mood” – The Experience

Well, the show “In The Mood” that was held on Friday 18th May has been and gone.  And the truth is, it was fantastic! I look back on the achievement of The Three Belles and I think that what they … Continue reading

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In The Mood – two more sleeps to go…

The last few months have been rather humbling for me. At the rehearsals for The Three Belles “In The Mood” I have been surrounded by people with so much amazing talent that, to be honest, I’ve been quite gobsmacked. The … Continue reading

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Chocs Away – Getting In The Mood With A Tash

As part of my character that I’m playing in The Three Belles gig at the Guildhall on 18th May this year, I decided to go the whole hog and grow a handlebar moustache. Here it is. Hope you like it! … Continue reading

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Preview of artwork for BOB – A children’s book

Okay, so here is a preview of some artwork just come through from a friend of mine for a children’s book I’ve written!  

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Why I am not left wing…

I was about to write a self-important essay about my political beliefs and why I am not a writer who is left wing.  I’ve been surrounded by a lot of well-intentioned left-wing writers lately, and I confess to getting a … Continue reading

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