Why I am not left wing…

I was about to write a self-important essay about my political beliefs and why I am not a writer who is left wing.  I’ve been surrounded by a lot of well-intentioned left-wing writers lately, and I confess to getting a little depressed by the left-wing approach to the world – about as much as I do with right wingers.  Then a friend of mine, Amelia Clark, popped up on facebook with the following. It just about sums up my approach to life.

“We are people first – all political religious psychobabble stuff should come second. Why are we constantly forced to try and define ourselves (and asked to fit into neat little boxes)? Creativity should be entertaining and fun and a diversion FROM much of the stuff we have to combat the rest of the time. Why is FUN such a devalued concept? Fun should be taken seriously. I shall write a long diatribe about this immediately. Full of ten dollar words. It bothers me that to be taken seriously in this life you have to ally yourself with a cause, a stand, a political direction etc I would rather spread joy, mirth and love to my fellow able or disabled, gay, straight or otherwise, inc all ethnic minorities man/woman/child. <goes out to buy rubber chicken>”

That’s about it really.  The truth is, deep down, I’m shallow.

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