A Little Moment of Delight In Darkest Africa…

Surfing the net a few days ago I found this video of Damian Aspinall and his reunion with a long lost friend with a difference.  I don’t really have anything smart or witty to say about this.  It’s a definite “Aah” moment that I wanted to share with you.  You know, I’ve seen a lot of bad news come out Africa over the years, and it’s just great to see something a little more uplifting.  Okay, it plays to one of the stereotypes of Africa: big jungles and gorillas.  But then why not?  Africa does still have, thank goodness, both of those things.

And it has something else, too.  A certain amount of magic in its wilds that you won’t encounter anywhere else.  A little moment of honest feeling between two friends, no matter what species they are.

That’s enough to remind me, and I hope you, that yes, life really is amazing!


  1. Kerri

    That’s wonderful, thank you for sharing. Such love. Love crosses all boundaries. Life and love are amazing.

    Thank you

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