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Stevie Kidd – Success. What Is It, And How Do You Get More

Hi all.  Since doing the NLP course with Paul McKenna, I’ve had the honour of meeting some really unusual, gobsmacking and inspiring individuals.  Seeing the way that they operate, understanding how they think, and watching them build success on success is for me deeply gratifying and highly educational.  That’s why I thought I’d let you know about the following event.

Stevie Kidd is a unique individual with an amazing drive for success – and a powerful ability to motivate, inspire and empower the people he meets.  He has built up several multi-million pound business in just a few short years – even during a recession – and he continues to grow his businesses while others have been struggling just to tread water.

How does he do it?  In the seminar announced for 19th March 2011 he will tell you exactly how he thinks and how he interacts with others to build success on success through meaningful business relationships.  He will tell you the things that you need to do in your life and in your mind to make the difference that will bring you more success and make you, like him, a highly effective business powerhouse…

Stevie Kidd's London Event - 19th March 2011