And the band played on… The Bevin Boys at The Royal Albert Hall, featuring The Three Belles, 25th April 2013

The Bevin Boys have been working out.  That’s why they’ve got bigger.

Transformed from the hot three-piece they started out as just over a year ago, they appeared at The Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room last night in a more expansive 6-piece line-up, with grand piano, bass, sax, horn, guitar and of course, William Keel-Stocker on drums.

With the change in venue comes a step-change in the music the BBs are producing, with the addition of the horns allowing the subtlety and richness of Will’s arrangements to shine through and giving the band a kind of Vintage feel that takes you right the way back the dance hall days of the 30s and 40s.

And the show works. The Elgar Room sold out, and the audience were richly appreciative.

And rightly so. Will’s exuberance as he takes control from the drum kit and turns out some great classic tunes – including his amazing rendition of “That Old Black Magic” is always accompanied by a smile and witty quip.  Since he dances, is a designer and acts, too, one has to ask: is there anything this guy can’t do?


The night also featured that sparkling harmony trio The Three Belles, who got up and did their stuff – and when they kicked off their first number the table behind me who had no idea what was in store for them spontaneously exclaimed “Oh! Wow!”

This was a great night. Even when the fire alarm warning went off and full lights came up, just as The Belles were about to go on stage, the audience stayed firmly put and the band played on.  With its Vintage vibe and classic tunes, there was a moment of Titanic to the whole event – but only in the fact that it was classy indeed. Because I don’t see the remotest prospect of any of these guys sinking without trace. No sir. Quite the opposite!

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