Not A Chance – for the e-riots

Something of a different format today.  With all the looting kicking off in London, I decided to make a quick recording of this song of mine.  It’s called “Chance”.  We are seeing in Britain the first e-riots – the riots in “civilized” countries that are orchestrated by Blackberry and Twitter.  Interesting to note that e-riots is an anagram of Tories…

Chance – by Matt Wingett – (recorded on a cheap field recorder.)

The lyrics are:

In the old town the young men are shrugging their shoulders

Looks like they’ve killed another kid won’t make it to another year older

And they’re dragging the canal looking for the passing of angels

But they don’t stand a chance coz angels don’t leave prints where they walk

And the kids gathered round to throw stones

Are laughing at the uniforms

Waiting for a shot in the air

Like they’ve been waiting all along…

Well, down the shopping mall, the kids have kicked in another window

That spoke the buying sensation, only high they’ll ever know

And over-the-counter-culture the old rebel’s cash till rings

Filled with the forged notes of the songs he don’t believe but still sings

And the kids’ faces pressed to the glass

Of the stores are politely ignored

That old come-on: “Not till you’re like us

Will we allow you to climb on board.”

And: “Everybody’s equal in the eyes of the dollar”

Is the cry of the businessman

“But if you are not buying, then you are worth nothing to me, and for you I couldn’t give a damn.

And I will not respect you, until you have learned the lesson taken from the First Book of Finance

The parable I’m preaching’s called the Yardstick of Possession, says the worthless don’t deserve a chance

Not a chance, not a chance…”

Well, there’s an opening party on the new side of town

Where they built the shopping complex, everyone’s come down

But the kids who kicked the windows, well they’ve all been locked out

They couldn’t raise the cash… instead they raise the shout:

“If we can’t buy our self respect, we’ll steal it from you instead

And though you may try to deny, some of the blame’s gonna fall on your head…”

Coz… etc

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