Say Si Si – The Three Belles and The Bevin Boys “In Full Swing” album track review

The Three Belles present their new debut album "In Full Swing".
The Three Belles present their new debut album “In Full Swing”.

Say Si Si, originally written in Spain in 1935 has had many incarnations…  a Spanish language number performed by Gloria Jean and the Guadalajara Trio, a swinging toe-tapper with a whirl of woodwind overlaid by brash brass by Marion Hutton and the Glen Miller Orchestra, a crystal clear belter from the Andrews Sisters – and much more besides.

Covered by Judy Garland, Ellen Corner and a host of others it has often stayed rhythmically close to its Latin roots, or has gone down the swing/big band line – with the notable exceptions such as Chet Atkins’ smooth Nashville country version.

Here, The Bevin Boys give the classic number a completely different twist. Staying true to the song’s European roots, they transfer it to a small café somewhere in a French town during that golden period in the inter-war years.

Hearing The Bevin Boys as a gipsy café band is a refreshing surprise. The track bounces along beautifully. Backed by accordion, guitar, violin, bass and drums the song achieves a kind of delightful lightness with the voices of The Three Belles floating over the sun-filled track.

My partner, Jackie, told me that this one is an absolute cracker of a track for dancers. It’s more than that. It evokes a bit of sunshine and a bit of joy from the Mediterranean, and encourages you to relax, enjoy… and smile.

For that, I say a definite Si, Si!

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