Man In The Moon – Draft 2

Well, that didn’t take long before I rewrote it.  Here we go again:

The Man In The Moon With Pack
The Man In The Moon Envisioned By the Ancients

Man In The Moon

“When priests in ancient times beheld the moon
they conjured up a man hunched with a pack.
Astronomers spied seas that would maroon
A sailor in a tranquil well of black.
Later, truer lenses picked out craters
ringed by nightbound mountains. Meteor storms
had violently incised on Luna’s face a
shadow-man – an ink-blot human form.”
A woman, peering through her visor, shrugs
away these thoughts. With slow-mo tread through rocks
and lunar dust she mounts her waiting moonbug –
driving on toward her metal box…
…She leaves behind a footprint as a sign:
“The Universe is shaped within a mind.”

Copyright (c) Matthew Wingett 2011

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