Man In The Moon – Draft 1

The Man in the Moon with his Dog, as European Legend has it!
The Man in the Moon with his Dog, as European Legend has it!

It is always a mistake to publish an idea when you are drunk. While I am not exactly drunk, I have had a few glasses of wine, and my judgement may be off.

However, I have got a good feeling about this, the latest of my “Cosmological Sonnets”. It is the first draft, and I will rework it shortly, but I thought: well, why not share it? I’m in that kind of mood. Keep watching. It will be reworked shortly!

As for when the moonshine wears off, and I see this in the cold light of a new day, well, that I will have to live with tomorrow.  But I hope you enjoy it, and that you can see what it is that I am groping towards.

Thank you for your patience!

(c) Poem copyright 2011, Matthew Wingett, all rights reserved.

Man in the Moon

“When priests in ancient times beheld this disc
they saw a man and faithful hound rove free
across its face. Later, astronomists
Baptised its sea of dust “Tranquillity”.

Through their lenses men spied nightbound craters
ringed by darkened mountains. A meteor storm
had etched that world and made from pools of shade, a
shadow-man: an ink-blot human form.”

The woman, peering through her visor, shrugs
off her thoughts, and slowmo treads the rocks
and lunar dust. She mounts her faithful moonbug
then drives off toward her pressured box…

…She leaves behind a footprint as a sign:
“Beware: The universe is humankind.”

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